Board Members

President Dick Burke
Vice President Ronnie Burke
Treasurer Tim Burke
Secretary Bubba Windhorst
Fundraiser/Merchandise Billy Dietrich
eCommerce Agent Kelly Burke
Public Relations Sean Burke
Public Relations Chairman Dennis Roubion
Board Member Gary Burke
Board Member Brad Burke
Board Member Jeff Delatte
Board Member Christopher Dietrich
Board Member Pat Dorion
Board Member George Drendel
Queen and Court Chairman Donald Gunaldo
Board Member Jeff Hand
Board Member Jonah Keller
Board Member Don Jennings
Board Member Gary McCarthy
Board Member Tommy McCrossen
Practice March Chairman Pat Power
Board Member Patrick Power, Jr.
Board Member Dennis Quinn
Practice March Chairman Jimmy Rafferty (deceased)
Board Member Terry Rafferty
Membership Chairman Pat Sens
Board Member Judge Paul Sens
Board Member James Waldron
Board Member Noah “Ray” Pritchard
Board Member Billy Spencer

2017 Honorees

Grand Marshal: Tommy O’Brien
Man of the Year: Billy Lyons
Queen: Elizabeth Clark
Maid to her Majesty:
Court of 2017
Chase L. Jackson
Sadie C. Murphy
Alexis Brinson
Abbigale Grace O’Brien
Victoria A. Lee
12:00 p.m. Mass
St. Mary’s Assumption Church
Father Richard Thibodeau
Homilist: Deacon Harold Burke